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We believe that it is important in life to give back to the community whenever you can. We support a variety of charities and we encourage you to assist us in providing financial aid to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We are proud to say that if you add an extra $2 for Movies About Weddings that we will match your donation. Once a month, we will tally up all of the extra donated cash, add our portion and split the moneys over the following charitable causes that are most important to us:

- Breast Cancer (because it runs in Susan’s family)
- MS (because it is affecting 2 members of Susan’s family)
- Heart Disease (because it runs in Alexander’s family)
- Alzheimer’s (because it was Dorthea’s charity of choice)
- Animal Rescue League (because we have 3 wonderful furry friends and believe all animals deserve food, water, shelter and kind treatment)

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Did you know that some of the above causes and more about World Hunger, Child Health, Literacy and the Rainforest can benefit by your daily free click ? The sponsors pay the fees so it costs you nothing unless you shop from one of their sponsors. They provide many valuable services in this world and if you buy anything with them through this site, part of the purchase goes toward that charity. Please check out the following address where you can sign up to get a daily reminder sent to your EMail address to click to assist 6 different causes: